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Government of Canada

Acting as a Leader

Lead teams, act as strategic business advisors to senior management and contribute to the promotion and implementation of priority initiatives.
Rates of pay


The following are general qualifications. The job poster will list the relevant qualifications required for the job. We recommend you review these carefully when applying for a financial role with the Government of Canada.

  • Education: degree from a recognized university with a specialization in either: accounting, finance, commerce, business administration or economics
  • Professional accreditation: recommended at this level
  • Bilingual capacity: essential at this level (CBC)

Responsibilities Within Various Finance Areas

  • Implements reconciliation processes to ensure that program activities are inline with various guidelines  
  • Develops policy interpretations and guidelines on accounting and financial reporting for use by managers and operational staff
  • Directs the delivery of department-wide financial processes, which may include:
    • Financial planning
    • Budgeting
    • Forecasting
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
  • Develops strategies to resolve in-year and multi-year pressures by reviewing program information and performance
  • Acts as the focal point for in-year budget management and control, including:
    • Resource reallocation
    • Monitoring of expenditures
    • Monthly reviews
    • Year-end reporting
  • Coordinates the department’s processes for Estimates, including the preparation, analysis and quality control of financial information
  • Provides advice to senior management regarding the department’s financial position
  • Directs analysis conducted by staff, including verification of information for:
    • Memoranda to cabinet
    • Treasury Board submissions
    • Memoranda of understanding
    • Business plans
    • Budgets
    • Forecasts
  • Provides strategic advice to clients on the financial risks and impacts of:
    • Proposed plans
    • Changes to programs
    • Funding strategies
  • Manages teams that conduct:
    • Special financial analyses
    • Costing exercises
    • Reviews
  • Communicates with clients and stakeholders and builds consensus through influence and negotiation
  • Delivers presentations to senior management and clients on financial management issues, pressures and risks
  • Directs the development and implementation of policy instruments and associated tools
  • Manages the ongoing monitoring of department-wide compliance with policy instruments
  • Manages staff and project teams to address non-compliance issues and take corrective actions
  • Directs the provision of policy interpretation and advice on departmental and central agency policy requirements
  • Champions new central agency and departmental policy requirements and initiatives for systems and processes
  • Delivers presentations to senior management on the impact of policy changes and solutions to adapt processes to ensure compliance
  • Represents the department on interdepartmental committees to influence the development of government financial management strategies and policy
  • Manages teams of financial system specialists in the delivery of financial system and reporting projects
  • Leads the identification, design and implementation of solutions to improve efficiencies in financial systems and business practices
  • Manages the identification of reporting requirements, including the design, testing and implementation of financial reports
  • Directs the delivery of training and supporting materials for:
    • New financial systems
    • Changes to existing systems
    • Related processes
  • Represents departmental interests on inter and intradepartmental committees and working groups
  • Produces briefings for senior management to:
    • Provide updates on the status of projects
    • Explain departmental and central agency initiatives and their corresponding impacts
"Driven by a sense of privilege to help ensure sound financial management for Canadians, I feel that I have found my calling in the federal public service. My days are never the same. I divide my time between various strategic meetings, working groups, and team discussions."
Amélie, Manager, General Ledger Integrity, Public Accounts and Audit Coordination, Public Services and Procurement Canada