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Government of Canada

Developing Managerial Skills and Strategic Thinking

Provide sound financial business advice and guidance to clients with potential to gain supervisory experience.
Rates of pay


The following are general qualifications. The job poster will list the relevant qualifications required for the job. We recommend you review these carefully when applying for a financial role with the Government of Canada.

  • Education: degree from a recognized university with a specialization in either: accounting, finance, commerce, business administration or economics
  • Professional accreditation: recommended at this level
  • Bilingual capacity: desirable at this level but not required for all positions

Responsibilities Within Various Finance Areas

  • Provides advice and guidance on government-wide legislation, including policy instruments and accounting principles
  • Manages the reconciliation of the General Ledger to the Central Accounts, and investigates and corrects unreconciled amounts
  • Participates in the design and implementation of the accounting module in financial systems
  • Liaises and facilitates the information requests of the Office of the Auditor General and external financial auditors, and provides support to internal audit engagements 
  • Leads a consultative financial planning process and the development of resource allocation strategies for the department
  • Recommends actions to resolve financial, business and resource allocation issues
  • Develops options to maximize the use of approved financial resources through cash management and risk management strategies
  • Plans, writes, and coordinates the consolidation, development and analysis of financial and business planning reports
  • Leads and coordinates budget allocation and forecasting exercises, including analyzing variances, challenging assumptions, highlighting risks, and drafting recommendations to senior managers and clients
  • Represents the department on consultations with TBS to clarify submissions and reporting related to the expenditure management system
  • Monitors changes to applicable regulations and policy instruments, and analyzes the effect on financial and client operations
  • Provides advice and training to clients on assigned financial management responsibilities, including budget planning, forecasting, controls and costing
  • Provides functional advice and guidance to other financial management staff
  • Leads and plans special projects
  • Leads and/or conducts reviews of policies, programs and processes
  • Assesses departmental compliance with internal and central agency policy instruments
  • Supervises staff in the development of action plans and process re-engineering initiatives to address non-compliance issues
  • Provides advice and training on policy instruments, including interpretation to colleagues, clients and senior management
  • Participates on departmental committees or in working groups, providing policy advice on the development of processes, procedures and system changes
  • Represents the department on interdepartmental working groups and contributes to the development of government-wide financial management policy
  • Analyzes, interprets and applies legislation, policies, procedures and/or standards in novel or unique situations where multiple interpretations and courses of action need to be considered
  • Develops policies, procedures and guidelines that address complex and multi-faceted issues
  • Develops tools and mechanisms used in the implementation, training and evaluation of policies, directives and guidelines
  • Meets with clients to evaluate system requirements and advise on alternatives and solutions to meet business needs
  • Provides advice to management throughout all phases of the systems development life cycle, from assessment of change requests to post-implementation evaluation
  • Participates in working groups to develop best practices and procedures
  • Develops and conducts training programs for trainers
  • Analyzes and troubleshoots complex end-user problems and issues
"Supporting one of the key departments in Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely rewarding. Each day brings interesting work, from advising to helping fellow employees get properly equipped at home. Plus, I also have the privilege of working with a caring team."
Court, Financial Advisor, Public Services and Procurement Canada 
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