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Government of Canada

Honing Skills and Knowledge

Perform competently, effectively and collaboratively while strengthening technical, strategic thinking, and engagement skills.
Rates of pay


The following are general qualifications. The job poster will list the relevant qualifications required for the job. We recommend you review these carefully when applying for a financial role with the Government of Canada.

  • Education: degree from a recognized university with a specialization in either: accounting, finance, commerce, business administration or economics
  • Professional accreditation: not required at this level; however, it is viewed as a desirable qualification
  • Bilingual capacity: desirable at this level but not required for all positions

Responsibilities Within Various Finance Areas

  • Establishes and maintains financial controls
  • Consolidates information for note disclosure in financial statements
  • Maintains and updates master data for financial systems
  • Prepares external financial reports and providing receivables
  • Ensures data integrity through reconciliation and analysis
  • Assists in departmental budget reviews and in providing historical information
  • Makes recommendations to improve the financial information in business plans and other financial planning exercises
  • Challenges forecast and analyzes expenditures against respective plans, and prepares reports with variances and recommendations for corrective action
  • Analyzes and challenges costing information for Memorandum to Cabinet and Treasury Board submissions
  • Participates in working groups designed to:
    • Conduct a range of financial and business planning and resource allocation activities
    • Monitor budget reduction exercises
    • Perform impact analyses on programs and expenditure plans
  • Develops information for briefing and presentation materials for managers
  • Provides advice on forecasting, planning and budgeting, and on using financial systems to extract information
  • Tracks budget information, reconciles adjustments and explains variances
  • Provides input into a variety of internal and external reports (e.g., Annual Reference Level Update, Main Estimates and Supplementary Estimates, etc.)
  • Participates in multidisciplinary project teams in the development and implementation of financial management policies and procedures
  • Provides support, advice and guidance to clients in clarifying and interpreting financial policies and procedures
  • Participates in departmental and interdepartmental working groups in the implementation of government-wide initiatives that impact on financial management
  • Monitors the effectiveness of departmental financial management policies and related procedures
  • Analyzes the impacts of proposed changes to financial policies or processes on departmental financial systems
  • Assists in drafting functional specifications for financial systems
  • Involves in testing system changes, analyzing results and recommending corrections
  • Develops user guides and other tools, and develops training on financial systems and related procedures
  • Provides support, advice and guidance to clients related to the financial system
  • Develops complex reports integrating data from several system modules